Frigga Fashipon Forecasts - January 6 to February 3 – Frigga UK

Frigga Fashipon Forecasts - January 6 to February 3

RAT Your energy may not be up to speed. Be cautious as negative vibes visit you this month. Put feng shui cures in the North sector and always carry accessories with mantra to protect you from the effects of the Misfortune Star.
OX Health issues and possible arguments are in your chart this month. Some financial concerns, too, but nothing that can’t be solved by proper budgeting. Get the proper feng shui cures to help ease out these challenges.
TIGER When making important decisions, do it with a clear mind to avoid negativities. Use accessories designed with your feng shui allies and friends to make productive connections. Displaying crystals around you will also help a lot.
RABBIT Pay strict attention to how you spend money. There could be hard times at work, so keep your focus and don’t let problems get to you. If work matters prove too much to handle, turn to your romantic affairs to balance things out.
DRAGON Your lucky streak continues and you can look forward to more wealth opportunities. Just be careful of some shady characters who could turn out to be con artists. Do not divulge too much information about yourself and your business.
SNAKE There are possible wealth opportunities that you may want to tap into by using strong feng shui enhancers. Pursue making changes that you wish to be a part of. Those who disagree will not pose any serious threat. Steer clear of bad vibes and put yourself first.
HORSE Very good romance prospect especially for married Horses. There will be reasons for the family to celebrate. Enhance your travel and popularity luck and ensure the support of those around you.
SHEEP Whatever challenges come your way, you will be able to sort them out. Manage your time and try to manifest good energy. If you are in a relationship, avoid turning small issues into big fights.
MONKEY You are raring to get going again. Use your communication skills to make positive changes. Make proper connections at work and spend quality time with family and friends. Start the year right by wearing your success and victory amulets.
ROOSTER If someone comes along to share some advice, listen carefully. Be open-minded and welcome all sources of new information. If you are seeing someone, things could get fantastic. Know that Cupid is at work.
DOG Your positive energy will attract new opportunities for you.  Your personal relationship will even inspire you to ‘move up the ladder.’ Activate your luck with allies and friends and victory symbols.
BOAR You are feeling very positive and new opportunities will present themselves to you. In your relationship, try to be more expressive of your feelings. Your family will always be your rock and will be there for you.
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