FRIGGA FASHION FORECAST - December 7 to Jan 5 – Frigga UK


RAT This is a great time to prepare for the success of the coming year. There will be happy moments with your partner. Singles will enjoy love luck. Promotion at work is possible. Ignore feelings of doubt and keep pushing ahead.
OX Your energy is back and with it comes good news. Business or career prospects look positive. Review contracts and make sure you get a fair deal. Singles may think of taking the next step in their love life and consider making a serious commitment.
TIGER Last month’s challenges disappear and new opportunities set in. Cleanse your surroundings to get rid of any remaining negative energies. Be open to advice from peers.  Single Tigers may have time for finding new love.
RABBIT There are just too many good things to enjoy this month. You shine like a star and anything you get involved in will yield positive results. Your romantic relationships will also get a boost. Be bold, as fortune favors the brave.
DRAGON Past investments may yield positive returns. Make up for past losses and carry protection from the robbery star to prevent opportunities from slipping through your fingers. There could be some health issues, too, so be cautious.
SNAKE It’s time to celebrate. At work you are seen as a leader. Enhance the Southeast or North sector of your home to help attract the right energy. Romance has also put a spring to your step as your partner sees all the best things in you.
HORSE Some negative influences may affect your relationships. Try not to make big changes and focus on doing your best with your present tasks. The tempest will soon be followed by calmness.
SHEEP You may be asked to extend financial assistance or someone may ask to borrow money from you. Singles may choose to mingle but should think twice about making commitments. There are other things on your mind.
MONKEY You may miss some important details at work if you are not in the right frame of mind. Don’t hesitate to seek help. Wear protective accessories against negative influences and undue stress.
ROOSTER Avoid things that could upset you this month. Realign your goals with your level of energy; you might need to take time off to do this. If you are single, enjoy your personal space. If you’re in a relationship, allow your partner to help you hurdle issues.
DOG You have big goals but  take your time and you will be fine. Competition is OK; just be sure it’s the healthy type. Don’t brag about your achievements as others may not find it appealing. Prevent risks of illness with some feng shui cures.
BOAR You will be assigned new responsibilities that might require more work. Don’t be afraid to seek help if your energy level is down. You can be competitive and still be diplomatic at the same time. Be humble about your successes.
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