FRIGGA FASHION FORECAST - November 8 to December 6 – Frigga UK

FRIGGA FASHION FORECAST - November 8 to December 6




RAT Your health could be affected by the tension coming from last month. This could take a toll on your ability to think critically. You need to be careful about how you treat people whether at work or in your love relationships.
OX Don’t allow petty things to get in the way of your love life. Avoid confrontations and flash the peace sign. Singles are better off spending time with their family and friends. Don’t worry, when you are ready, love will find you.
TIGER You need to be strong as this month presents some difficulties. There could be work issues as others around you fight illness, so try to be supportive. Wearing metal-inspired accessories will help control the tough times ahead.
RABBIT Move out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before. You will enjoy good advice that will boost your work and career. People will be attracted to you and one of them could be your soulmate.
DRAGON Opportunities appear everywhere for you; make the most of them. Travel to check out new places or explore further studies. For those who love to write, activate the Southeast sector for higher level of inspiration.
SNAKE Opportunities pop up everywhere. Money is best invested in something with a good turnaround. If you are single, you may want to socialize as you exude magnetic charm. You may even meet someone interesting. Wear your amulet for success and travel.
HORSE This is a month of happy surprises. Despite some minor inconveniences, things will turn out for the better. Invest in quality time with your family and friends to regain your vitality.
SHEEP Money luck is on your side. You may see returns from your past investments. You may also be recognized in the workplace. Continue to pursue improvements that will benefit yourself and your company.
MONKEY Put prosperity enhancers around you to capture wealth opportunities this month. Singles could go out on dates but take things slow. Trying hard to impress will not work. Stay confident and focus on building your strength.
ROOSTER Stressing over things you cannot change will not do you any good. Try to become a good team member and you will feel better. Revisit your travel goals and use your travel luck enhancers to help manifest your dreams.
DOG Chances for success will be high, but do not overstress yourself and do not neglect your personal relationships. Gain new experiences but do not lose who you are in the process. Brush aside any jealousy at work and wear your protective amulets.
BOAR Do not put too much on your plate that you neglect your family. Watch out for jealous people at work and remember that you don’t need to impress anyone but yourself. Reduce conflict with the proper feng shui cures.
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