FRIGGA FASHION FORECAST - August 7 to September 6, 2020 – Frigga UK

FRIGGA FASHION FORECAST - August 7 to September 6, 2020




Be mindful of relationship issues that may crop up in your personal and professional life. Avoid too risky physical activities that could cause you harm and place some feng shui cures in the South.


Work matters may not be easy and you might be feeling low. Stick to your principles and do not compromise. Be aware that your morale may fluctuate, so make your health your major responsibility this month. Try to remain calm.


You may feel tested at work and things may not go as planned. Your low vitality might affect your relationships, so be careful. Beat the blues by wearing some feng shui accessories or protective amulets. Make health your priority.


Things may seem difficult. Be wary of stress that could affect your health. Pace yourself at work and take some time out. Love luck will compensate for your career blues.


There’s plenty to explore outside your comfort zone. This is a time for adventure—love life included! Luck is on your side, so be ready to take advantage of opportunities that come your way.


Expect some good advice and helpful ideas from people who are looking up to you. Help manifest success in your projects with Victory-inspired enhancers. Your leadership skills will be recognized.


Things are looking great in your career. Continue to give your best effort at work, but remember to set aside some time for your loved ones. They’re on your side whenever you need them the most.


This will be a critical period of change, but unlike others, you value purpose over material things. Follow your heart and appreciate yourself for everything you’ve done to achieve your goals. You will be able to do more.


You’re doing great and you’ve learned a lot in the past weeks. This motivates you to widen your horizon and get moving in a more positive direction. A great month for your personal and professional life.


Confidence and positivity are back in your chart. There’ll be opportunities to renew friendships and create new contacts. Activate the NW sector of your home to boost good luck in your personal and professional life.


Avoid any possible arguments with family or colleagues that will keep your mind off your goals. Before making major decisions, be sure you have your peace and harmony amulets with you. Singles might find it best to stay that way for now.


This month’s good energy may allow you to make great strides; however, you also have some conflict vibes to deal with. Don’t let minor misunderstandings  cause major setbacks in your relationships.

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