Frigga Fashion Forecast -- October 8 – November 7 – Frigga UK

Frigga Fashion Forecast -- October 8 – November 7

Animal Sign October 8 – November 7
RAT This is a transitional period for you, so prioritize self-reflection and self-awareness. Balance material concerns with inner peace. Silence your inner critic and acknowledge your achievements. Capture auspicious energies with a water fountain and feng shui symbols. Focus on yourself after spending time with others.
OX This month brings both progress and challenges, but they can be managed easily. Use peace and harmony amulets or evil eye-inspired accessories for protection. Embrace opportunities that come your way as they are rare. Your love life may improve, and a new romantic experience could be the real deal you've been waiting for.
TIGER This month brings completion and achievement; minor obstacles will be easily overcome. Seize the numerous opportunities for growth and progress. Your love life looks promising, and the right person may be closer than you think. Grab these life-changing prospects in both professional and personal realms.
RABBIT Take time to analyze the current situation amidst burglary and illness stars. Unwanted prospects may disrupt your control, affecting your health and increasing stress. Use Fu Dogs or Guardian Dogs to ward off bad luck. Overcome dysfunctional teams with Triumphant & Victory charms. Communicate with your partner and seek companionship.
DRAGON Great news ahead. Have auspicious accessories handy like the universal mandala shawl and ultimate mantra rings. Wear colorful outfits to tame arguments. Implement business goals and guide team members. Make wise decisions to increase wealth and attract good fortune. Secure auspiciousness with a protection mantra ring and mantra wallet.
SNAKE The dynamic nature of life brings beneficial opportunities. Use auspicious prints and signs of good fortune for added success. Consider revisions at work and embrace new learning to build your business. Exercise insightful judgment for wealth and positive luck. Protect your good luck with a protection mantra ring and carry a mantra wallet.
HORSE Don't prioritize material aspects alone. Pursue your purpose genuinely, trust your intuition, and silence your inner critic. Acknowledge your progress, broaden your knowledge, and align your life. Enhance your month with a water fountain and Feng Shui symbols for wealth. Embrace the excitement of your social life.
SHEEP Prioritize personal development. Trust your intuition and silence your inner critic. Overcome obstacles and resolve conflicts peacefully. Hang good fortune symbols and surround yourself with trusted individuals. Focus on self-improvement rather than starting new relationships. Address past issues in current relationships and move forward with contentment.
MONKEY Stay mindful and manage obstacles to success. Resolve conflicts peacefully, avoid negative colleagues, and build an efficient team. Focus on communication in relationships. Understand and love each other. Stay focused on problem-solving and the purpose of the conversation.
ROOSTER Beware of the Illness star and seek support from lucky stars during conflict month. Use strong mantra amulets and symbols to attract positive energy. Keep remedies handy and place a sturdy wu lou in the Northwest corner. Stay active at work, find solace at home, and cultivate understanding for better harmony.
DOG After months of challenges, hard work leads to recognition and potential promotion. Singles may find love and consider settling down. Existing relationships progress positively. Wear 9-charms amulet for smooth progress in career and attract new opportunities. Take things slow and steady in relationships for a promising future.
BOAR Congratulations! This month brings happiness and the opportunity for fresh starts. Be cautious with advice and focus on your passions. Maintain good vibes and enjoy romantic moments. Expand your skills and promote teamwork. Display Victory and Success emblems for positive outcomes.
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