Frigga Fashion Forecast -- August 8 – September 6 – Frigga UK

Frigga Fashion Forecast -- August 8 – September 6

ANIMAL SIGN August 8 – September 6, 2023
RAT This month may bring some challenges, but there are also opportunities for positive changes. Believe in yourself and showcase your untapped abilities. Your wealth luck is improving, so use Wealth Ships with Ingots and Crystals to maximize your gains. Maintain a humble attitude and let your success speak for itself.
OX Prepare yourself for potential setbacks this month. Be cautious of the risk of losing material possessions and carry mantra protection amulets to ward off negativity. Exercise caution in trusting new acquaintances to avoid potential heartache. Include protective mantra accessories into your daily attire, or carry an anti-theft amulet.
TIGER Negative stars align in your chart this month, posing a potential setback. Incorporate protective mantra accessories and symbols in your outfit and property. Be cautious of material loss and carry protection amulets. Exercise caution when trusting new people. Make a positive impact through charity or volunteer work. Acts of kindness can bring fulfillment and ease in difficult times.
RABBIT After a period of illness and low energy, you're ready to restart your responsibilities with enthusiasm. Reflection has given you a fresh perspective, and renewed vigor will lead to progress. Be prepared for bigger projects, but manage stress and let positive energy persist. Celebrate success quietly and consider wealth enhancers.
DRAGON Embrace the Victory Star's arrival with excitement and an open mind. Enjoy the upcoming rewards and appreciation. Maintain your relationships as they are for now. Be daring and courageous, as bad luck is behind you. Make important decisions and avoid playing it safe. Exercise caution with advice given and received.
SNAKE While auspicious stars bring promise and excitement, exercise caution due to the potential for misunderstandings and arguments. Love, peace, and harmony amulets will be beneficial. Embrace challenges as lessons for improvement. Enjoy unexpected rewards and display Victory amulets. Keep the faith and display Ruyi and Victory emblems for prosperity.
HORSE In your conflict month, expect positive surprises and increased income. Use auspicious coins, infinity bangles, wish-fulfilling amulets, and mantra rings to attract good things. Embrace newfound luck, follow your heart, and prove doubters wrong. Take advantage of wealth luck with wealth ships and crystals.
SHEEP Good energies flow in, bringing positive results. Enjoy the moment and wear a smile. Single individuals may find love. Benefit from auspicious energy for personal development. Experience a positive shift at work. Enhance luck with emblems and crystals. Use wealth amulets and share successes with loved ones.
MONKEY Your career is thriving, and a new social network opportunity awaits. Focus on professional growth and pitch new ideas. Connect with influential people and seek their advice. Display glitter lamps for success. Use the Wealth and Success Medallion for wealth opportunities. Prioritize your relationship and consider a commitment.
ROOSTER Favorable winds bring new experiences, assignments, and potential for a raise await. Rebound from last month's surprises. Restore relationships and make new connections. Busy month ahead in work and personal life. Activate Feng Shui enhancements in the South sector. Address relationship issues promptly.
DOG Prepare for a challenging month. Take a break, travel to new places, and avoid unnecessary drama. Stay positive, respectful, and focus on self-care. Enhance cures in specific sectors and carry anti-argument amulets. Trials may arise, so maintain positivity and believe in progress despite challenges.
BOAR Some challenges again this month, but remember you're strong enough to overcome them. Handle co-worker issues tactfully. Use peace and harmony amulets as Feng Shui cure. Take breaks to avoid stress and conflict in relationships. Focus on self-improvement. Seek support from loved ones or professionals when feeling isolated.
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