Frigga Fashion Forecast -- April 4 – May 4, 2024 – Frigga UK

Frigga Fashion Forecast -- April 4 – May 4, 2024

Animal Sign April 4 – May 4, 2024
RAT Embrace a transformative period of reflection and seize opportunities to boost your wealth to new heights. With the unique alignment of the double wealth star in your chart, unleash your full potential to attract positive energy. Manifest your goals with visualizations and affirmations, believing in your ability to achieve greatness.
OX This month brings a wave of good karma, inviting joy and abundance into your life. Use Wish-Granting Amulets to attract money-making opportunities. Trust your instincts, strengthen resolve with Wealth Ships, and radiate kindness for success and fulfillment. Embrace boundless opportunities with unwavering determination.
TIGER Brace for a surge of positivity bringing joy and opportunities. Use Crimson Phoenix symbols for abundance. Follow your inner voice, amplify determination with Wealth Ships, and radiate kindness. Use opportunities with solid self-confidence for success and fulfillment.
RABBIT This month, embrace the Double Victory luck, as exciting events unfold, starting with personal life. Reconnect with your partner, igniting the honeymoon spark anew. Nurture your relationship with Aphrodite’s Heart charm and Happy Couple imagery. Imagine a lasting bond, fueled by communication and respect. Embrace the journey of love.
DRAGON Amidst this month's challenges, prioritize health and get some help from herbal remedies and rest. Show how reliable you are at work, and foster harmony at home. Cultivate honesty in relationships, using symbols of well-being like the Long-Life Endurance Amulet. Radiate resilience and love.
SNAKE Focus on your well-being amidst health challenges and make sure you get enough rest. Review events in your career, but try to keep family relationships warm and cozy. Be straightforward in your relationships and proper feng shui remedies are musts to maintain harmony.
HORSE Brace for challenges from various fronts, potentially overwhelming you. Stay compassionate despite obstacles and workplace tensions. Prioritize communication and understanding to diffuse conflicts fueled by jealousy. Shield yourself with protective talismans like Anti-Theft charms. Focus on goals and securing your well-being amidst temporary hurdles.
SHEEP Expect a month of abundant opportunities, especially in financial matters. Use symbols like Lord Kubera to invite wealth energy. Enhance your space with prosperity plants. Believe in your abilities and network for career advancement. Nurture relationships and anticipate promising romantic prospects. Seize the moment and pave the way for enduring success.
MONKEY Prepare for a month brimming with opportunities, especially in finances. Display symbols like Lord Kubera to attract wealth energy. Trust your skills as you pursue abundance. Network for career advancement, wear the Wealth and Success Medallion, and nurture relationships. Singles, expect promising romantic prospects. Seize the moment for lasting success.
ROOSTER Challenges are possible with the double misfortune stars. Stay resilient and focused, using feng shui remedies like the Karma Guardian charm. Consider taking time-off for self-care. Limit interactions with negativity and engage in balancing activities like yoga. Display five-element pagoda symbols for protection. Stay mindful to prevent further issues.
DOG Expect a fantastic month filled with positivity and support. Challenges will be manageable, bolstered by past victories and Lady Luck's favor. Embrace work obstacles as opportunities for growth. Practice patience and open communication in relationships. Enhance harmony with symbolic placements. Explore opportunities for travel and romance with thoughtful consideration.
BOAR Prepare for a month of exceptional experiences and abundant opportunities. Expect positive interactions, making tasks manageable. Past triumphs showcase your resilience. Lady Luck favors your endeavors. Embrace challenges as stepping stones to growth. Prioritize open communication in relationships. Enhance harmony with symbolic placements for love and positivity.
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