Wear Your Fate

October 26, 2013

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by Arnel Ramos on Fri, 10/25/2013 – 00:00

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Feng shui expert Marites Allen believes that a perpetual sense of optimism and hopefulness can do wonders. That, she says, more or less, sums up her personal mantra in life. Without pause or warning, she throws the question back to us: “How about you? What is your personal mantra?”



 Narrowly missing a beat, we tell the woman who rose to prominence as feng shui consultant of past Philippine presidents Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada and celebrities like Kris Aquino: “Live to the fullest.”


In a sense, Marites is doing the same as she spreads her wings via the apparel and accessories brand Frigga, a new venture that merges two disparate disciplines: fashion and feng shui. “What a person wears is also a major consideration in attracting wealth and fortune.”


Hatched last year in London where Allen studied at the London College of Fashion and took residency with her family, Frigga is named after the Norse goddess of prophecy and destiny. Frigga’s fashion philosophy goes beyond the very basic rules that we observe, like wearing anything red on Mondays to attract luck the whole week through.


Frigga goes by this maxim – “Summon good fortune through the things you wear.” Says Allen of her latest “baby,” “Frigga is rooted in the concept of feng shui that we need to live in harmony with natural elements in our environment, and the most personal and intimate aspects of the environment are the clothes and accessories we wear.”

Launched in Manila recently with a mini-fashion show at the F1 Hotel in Taguig, Frigga illustrates how the combination of colors, fabrics, prints, and overall design can attract positive energies into one’s life.


There is actually a Frigga for every aspiration. Those who dream of getting rich should put on clothes embellished with the mystic knot symbol and preferably in the right shades of blue. People who are either seeking a lifelong partner or wanting to achieve marital quiet are advised to wear designs that incorporate the double infinity symbol or the peony to benefit from romantic energies.


If you wish to avoid misfortune, and acquire renown and power, fiery reds and purples with the “ruyi” icon are for you. Fountain-of-youth obsessed souls should wear antahkarana (an ancient healing and meditation symbol) prints done in wood and water colors.


Frigga’s accessory line consists of earrings and necklaces, which feature the 12 animals from the Chinese zodiac believed to guard the wearer from things going awry and illnesses.


“Call it fashion for a reason, or fashion with a purpose that goes beyond looking good,” Allen adds.


Feng shui fan or not, the ultimate catch is that it does not hurt to believe in things that escape the human gaze or in rituals and traditions that have been passed on over generations – and yet practice discernment, that sense of knowing not to let guidelines and concepts and ideas to control and take over.

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