Marites Allen has 9 pieces of advice for millennials

• Be aggressive. It is not the time to be complacent. Be a go-getter, get what you want in life, not to race ahead of others but for self-improvement.

• Be confident. In terms of statistics there are some youths who become depressed because of social media. They lose confidence from the bullying. Focus on your strengths and not on the weaknesses.

• Make time for the family. Because of social media, millennials become too detached. You may be busy growing up, but you may not realize your parents are also growing old.

• Be godly in ways. Make sure to have time to be in touch with your religion as your parents taught you. Not many have the privilege to go to church and enjoy practicing their faith.

• Be knowledgeable of how things are happening. While it is true that parents are learning much from their children, there are many other things that millennials need to learn as well. Do not be confined to what is happening only in your locality, region or city but be aware of what is happening in other countries as well. It is easy to access information today.

• Continue the tradition of Filipino hospitality. Says Marites Allen, “One of the things I learned is that Filipinos are really seen [and considered by other nationalities]as hospitable. The youth can do a lot in promoting tourism. I say so because if you go to El Nido in Palawan, it’s flooded with backpackers and they always love to go back because Filipinos are very hospitable. So, help us bring the tourism of the country by being more appealing to the other side of the world. They love our country. And it’s true, I’ve been to many places on earth, there’s nothing like the beaches of the Philippines.”

• Be responsible. When you post something [on social media], remember there are always two sides to a story. There is the big news, the real news and the actual news. Be factual and be truthful. Do not go by trends so that you follow what a certain celebrity says or does. You have to be real. Make sure to think twice before posting something. Ask yourself if what you say will affect someone.

• Finish school. Do not be too aggressive to leave the family. Finish your studies first. Get a degree. There are those who are itching to start a business and leave school. Shares Allen, “My son negotiated that since he’s graduating next year, he asked permission to start the business he’s been dreaming to put up, which I allowed. But never abandon the chance of completing a degree. It is very important. I always say that my parents were very poor, and we had nothing in life. But all they gave us was education and that is what we have up to this day.”

• Be loyal to your country. Despite the many advantages you see in other countries, there is nothing like the Philippines. The Filipino human spirit is very unique so love your country. Be loyal and protect it and make sure the future generations will do the same thing.

Ref: Manila Times, 3 December 2017

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