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The Feng Shui Makeover to a Lucky and Fab New You


 With her flying from London to Manila and back again several times in a month, as well as jet setting to other parts of the globe, to say that Feng Shui Guru Marites Allen is sought after almost sounds like an understatement.

The President and CEO of “World of Feng Shui”, this master of geomancy can certainly attract, harness and enhance positive elements in the environment. When she walks into a room, her energy is not just palpable, it is infectious.

For the photo shoot at F1 Hotel, Marites was calm and aglow; she smiled and said “Cheers!” with every pose. Such ease, poise and enthusiasm despite not having slept a wink makes her living proof that Feng Shui is not only for rearranging furniture. Instead, it is a way life, a guide to how you can carry yourself. In fact, Marites can even help you Feng Shui your look for a fabulous and lucky new you.

“Depending on our date of birth, we all have our lucky or unlucky shapes, shades or colors. We actually have a table that tells such,” explains Marites. According to her, the creation of an auspicious look can do wonders for an individual. She adds however that there’s no general rule for everybody.

“It’s very personal,” explains Marites. “Take me for example. You always see me with long hair precisely because long hair suits me. It’s my wealth energy so I don’t want to cut my hair short. That would be like chopping off my wealth,” says Marites, adding that wealth does not just mean money. It can also refer to opportunities.

“These are things that we can do for ourselves,” reminds Marites. “Everybody is different,” she says. So, instead of copying celebrity hairstyles and looks, Marites encourages people to discover and embrace their own beauty, one that not only suits them but also has the power to bring them good fortune.

Citing Billy Yamaguchi, a famous Hollywood stylist who has written a book on auspicious hairstyles, Marites emphasizes that what people may think ideal may not exactly be lucky for them. On the other hand, knowing what would actually work would make so much difference as changing simple things like the color or shape of the hair can affect different aspects of someone’s life. Be it health, love and romance, business career or growth, there’s a look to suit your needs.

“Sometimes, people have so much money but they’re unlucky in love or don’t have good health. So it really depends on the person’s aspirations, what they want most,” says Marites.

To make this valuable knowledge available to everyone, Marites has put up Fame Salon – a place for personalized Feng Shui makeovers. Likewise, she has just recently launched Frigga, a clothing line to provide auspicious fashion for every occasion.

Already quite common in other Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia, there is really no harm in trying out a Feng Shui makeover. As for dressing for luck, it is already a common practice.

“This is Christmas, the new year. Show your new you. Reward yourself. Normally, people change their hair or cut it after a break-up. But why wait for something bad to happen? Change your hair or the way you dress now and maybe you can prevent it from happening,” says Marites, who reminds everyone that change must always be a personal choice, something that comes from within.


In applying feng shui to fashion, women are advised to wear genuine metal jewelry in 2013, the year of the snake, to attract auspicious luck. Aside from metal, water energy is also lucky, thus jade and other blue or green gems, which represent water energy, are also lucky. The feng shui chart for 2013 shows that all the elements are present. Reflecting this in one’s fashion style, it would be favorable to wear red to represent fire and blue for water. Silver, gold, and platinum—all metal colors—are lucky, especially for men.  The best color for 2013 is green because it represents wood. The year of the water snake supports wood, and wood symbolizes growth and opportunities.

These symbolic representations are put to good use in the feng shui expert’s new fashion brand. Frigga, a vibrant collection of dressy and casual wear for men and women, is meant to attract good fortune through the proper combination of colors, fabric and design. Each item in the Frigga line is designed with special prints such as the mystic knot for positive energy, peonies for love and romance, ruyi for power and authority, antakahrana for good health, among others. If there’s a brand that gives true meaning to power dressing, there’s no doubt it’s Frigga.

Before the photo shoot, Ms. Allen shared some feng shui forecasts as a preview to her Annual Updates for the Year of the Water Snake, a yearly event to usher the Chinese Lunar New Year. Following are some of her insights.


Forecast for 2013: Year of the Water Snake

Both lucky yet unpredictable signs, the Dragon and the Snake are closely related. Because of this connection, whatever good things started in 2012 (Year of the Dragon) will likely continue or improve in 2013 (Year of the Snake).

The Year of the Snake will be an especially good year for the Ox, Rooster and Dragon, while it can prove difficult for Boars. On the other hand, things are looking better for the Dog after having a rough time in 2012.

Significant events in the past have happened during the year of the snake: Pearl Harbor Bombing, succession to the throne of Queen Elizabeth, World Trade Center Bombing, among others. This does not mean that the coming year will bring catastrophes. It is, however, better to be forewarned and ready for any eventuality.

For more of Marites Allen’s Annual Feng Shui Updates for the Year of the Water Snake, be at The Infinity Ballroom, 2/F Best Western F1 Hotel, 32nd St. Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig on January 19, 2013.  Please call +63 9209509390, visit any WOFS boutique, or email for tickets.




All outfits of Ms. Allen are by Frigga

Frigga is a fashion brand by the House of Allen. It is registered in London and many European and Asian countries. The fabrics that feature auspicious symbols are designed by a textile and fabric designer trained in Paris and based in UK.  All Frigga designs are done by a team of fashion experts who follow the latest trends reported by WGSN, the world’s leader in fashion trend and forecasting. Named after the Norse goddess of prophecy, Frigga is auspicious, classy, and chic fashion for every occasion.



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