FRIGGA Charmed Life DRAGON Forecast for December 2017

There will be many exciting opportunities to capture. Your heart will be truly filled with gratitude. Just go with the flow as the energy of this month will give you an edge over competition.

FRIGGA Charmed Life SNAKE Forecast for December 2017

A mentor figure will help you make the right decisions through very valuable input. Somehow, you will be feeling too emotional this month. Do not stress yourself out over non-important issues. Keep looking at the bright side.

FRIGGA Charmed Life HORSE Forecast for December 2017

Your productivity is going to dive so try to pause for some required rest. Strong earth energy will also cause health problems and the risk of accidents. Some afflictions could be dangerous.

FRIGGA Charmed Life MONKEY Forecast for December 2017

This is an ideal month to reorganize many of your delayed plans. Reconnect with friends and alliances, and if you must, try to build new ones. You need them to make successful strategies for the future.