Frederick Peralta designs for FRIGGA Charmed Life

December 10, 2015

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FRIGGA Charmed Life, a unique fashion brand that merges trendy designs with feng shui enhancements, has announced its latest innovation: a partnership with multi-awarded fashion designer Frederick Peralta.

In a media conference held on Monday, December 7 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Pasig City, FRIGGA Brand Ambassador Marites Allen and Peralta unveiled part of a 30-piece collection of ladies and men’s wear styled using five auspicious prints. “These prints carry the unique DNA that is the hallmark of FRIGGA. You won’t see them anywhere because they have been exclusively made for FRIGGA by award-winning designers,” says Ms. Allen, an international feng shui expert.

Frederick Peralta is a perfect choice as FRIGGA’s new fashion partner. He brings into the partnership over three decades of design experience highlighted by international recognition. He is the first Filipino to win the prestigious Grand Prix at the Internationale Creatures de Jeunes de Mode (Young International Designers Competition) held in Paris in 1994. He is also the Philippine representative in the UNESCO-funded book, “High Fashion Around the World.” Peralta describes his style as somewhere between minimalist and exuberance. The merging of this wide range and his distinctive style with the luck-enhancing qualities of the FRIGGA brand presents exciting and dynamic possibilities for the special niche of fashionistas who are feng shui aficionados at the same time.

“It is such an honor to be working with a very talented and passionate fashion designer like Frederick Peralta who has made outstanding contributions to the fashion industry. He has effectively captured the feel and the energy of the FRIGGA brand and introduced them into these new designs.”  Marites couldn’t hide her excitement in sharing their latest creations with FRIGGA customers here and abroad.

After the media preview, the limited-edition pieces will be formally presented at the 2016 Philippine Feng Shui Convention hosted by Ms. Allen and Marco Polo Hotel on January 3, 2016 in preparation for the Year of the Fire Monkey.

For more information on FRIGGA, please visit To reserve a seat for the annual feng shui convention, please call 0920 9509390, 5560615, 4429113 or 8188858; or e-mail

Inviting Good Luck in 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey with Feng Shui Expert Marites Allen

December 8, 2015

Posted by Michelle Santos



Feng-shui literally means wind-water when translated in English, but as defined in various dictionaries it is “a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment”.

In the Philippines, fengshui is a popular practice which is applied in business, personal life and homes.  That is why as soon as December hits the calendar, many Pinoys look forward to fengshui tips and trends to usher in good luck for the coming new year.

One notable fengshui expert in the philippines is Ms. Marites Allen. She has been featured numerous times in various publications and TV shows. Her profound and in-depth knowledge about feng-shui makes her an authority in the field of harmonizing ying and yang through valuable fengshui books, jewelries, trinkets, decors and now haute-couture ready-to-wear designer line clothing.

In a press conference held last December 7 at Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, feng-shui expert Marites Allen presented her masterfully written “2016 Feng Shui Horoscope” book series, Feng Shui Planner, and Feng Shui Almanac. The press conference which is co-hosted by Marco Polo also presented uniquely designed 2016 Chinese New Year lucky charms and accessories that will surely complement one’s style. The highlight of this interesting event was the preview of the latest FRIGGA fashion clothing and accessories styled in collaboration with the iconic designer Frederick Peralta. The details about the much awaited annual event for all feng-shui enthusiasts in the country were also discussed.

Happening this January 3, 2016 at the Marco Polo Hotel is the 2016 Philippine Feng-Shui Convention for the Year of the Fire Monkey, it is a yearly event that tackles the overall forecasts and other related topics concerning luck and balancing the ying and yang. Philippines’ fung-shui expert Marites Allen will be joined by no less than the Asia’s King of Talk- Boy Abunda in the convention which is now running on its 11th year.

It is a privilege and honor for me to be able to attend this press conference and had a chance to hear valuable insights from Marites Allen. She briefly provided forecasts for the coming year of the fire monkey and according to her things will look good for all the animal signs (Chinese horoscope). Marites Allen also said that the lucky colors for the year of the fire monkey 2016 are black, gray and blue.

Fashion and Feng-Shui never looked good when collaborated with a world-class fashion guru. Had a chance of chatting with Frederick Peralta, and he graciously answered all my questions. I asked about his participation in the execution of Frigga fashion and accessory line designs, and he revealed that Marites Allen herself designed the pieces including the fashionable clothes and his part was to finalized the designs and add some finishing touches to them. The result is truly marvelous that women of all ages would love wearing the Frigga collection.

According to Frederick Peralta, the fabric used for the lucky dresses was custom designed by Marites Allen in London. The fashionable clothes feature lucky feng-shui symbolisms or prints that attract positivity. The styles of the Frigga ladies’ pret-a-porter apparel imbibe casual elegance with soft classic lines that will truly appeal to any modern Filipina. Selling will start on December 20 and each dress design comes only in limited edition.


So if you want to attract good luck for the year of the fire horse this coming 2016, I strongly suggest that you reserve your tickets to the annual 2016 Philippine Feng-Shui Convention happening on January 3 next year at the posh Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas. I will mark my calendar and attend this convention since I want to learn ways from the master herself Ms. Marites Allen on how to attract good fortune for the New Year and make it more auspicious.

You may call these numbers for inquiry and reservations 0920-950 9390, 442-0113 or 556 -0615. Tickets for the 2016 Philippine Feng-Shui Convention for the Year of the Fire Horse are also available through this link-

Second Frigga Charmed Life shop now open

June 25, 2015

posted  by  Aries Santos


Six months after the first Frigga Charmed Life shop opened at SM Mall of Asia, international fengshui master Marites Allen led the soft opening of a second shop at the Fourth Floor of The Block at SM North EDSA on June 1, 2015.

Frigga Charmed Life is a clothing and accessories brand, a first-of-its-kind fashion line that combines chic designs with fengshui principles to attract good fortune for its users. “What makes Frigga unique is that it does not only offer nice and trendy items, but it also helps enhance the lives of its customers,” says Marites, of Frigga’s corporate mission and what sets it apart from other retailers.

Since its online site ( went live early last year, Frigga has shipped to over 16 countries worldwide. The opening of physical shops in Manila provides Philippine buyers access to regularly updated luck-enhancing designs for both men and women. For value-added services, a Frigga fan page on Facebook offers lucky fashion tips daily and publishes monthly fengshui fashion forecasts with suggested luck enhancers for its followers.

In store for early customers are the latest designs of tops and ensembles, casual and office attire, lounge dresses, and accessories to complete the desired auspicious look. Men’s wear are also available as Frigga’s way of honoring dads on Father’s Day this month.Many high-end pieces, including ladies’ hand bags, scarves, and men’s wallets have been swept off the shelves by avid customers since the shop opened. Luck-enhancing items such as wall papers, prints, and paintings—good for either personal use or gifts–are also available. For a limited period, Marites is making herself available for personalized consultations at the shop.

In the same manner that the first Frigga boutique offers a unique fashion experience for customers via its digital effects, the new Frigga place at The Block uses a visually engaging boutique layout that will make shopping more pleasant and enjoyable.  An auspicious Tree of Life is an interesting focal point where customers can stick on notes regarding their inspiring experiences with Frigga and fengshui. –

“I hope our friends and other fengshui followers will be pleased with the design of our new store, just as we are excited to bring all these innovations their way,” says Marites. “Frigga shall endeavor to launch new products, like the new bangles for men and women and the beautiful pouch for daily use, plus many more,” she adds. “It’s our own gesture of thanks and appreciation for the support they’ve shown us all these years.”


Frigga Charmed Life is an international brand owned by the House of Allen Ltd. of London. It is registered in 27 European countries and selected cities in Asia. For inquiries, please call (0920) 9509390 or visit

Frigga Charmed Life opens second shop in the Philippines June 23, 2015

by Mia Antonio


Magic ain’t just casted, it should be worn. For it is best to carry around as a protection to bad vices and helps attract positive energy. It is a good thing that FRIGGA Charmed Life brings its clothing and accessories brand all the way from the United Kingdom. It is a first-of-its-kind fashion line that combines chic designs with Feng Shui principles to attract good fortune for its users. They had their first store in the SM Mall of Asia and just recently opened the second store on the The Block at SM North Edsa.

The owner and the international Feng Shui master Marites Allen is the first and only Filipino to be awarded the prestigious title “Master  of Feng Shui” by the world-renowned international Feng Shui Association. She is also popularly regarded as the “Philippine Feng Shui Queen” due to her great strides in spreading the practice of the ancient Chinese art in the country and the rest of the world. Being the consultant of top executives and prominent personalities in media, entertainment, and public offices, Ms. Allen gained a million of followers from all over the world.

Ms. Allen started the business using the most powerful tool on the generation – Internet. She launched a unique line of auspicious fashion via the online site in the UK, the And as a true Filipino, she finally opened a boutique here in thePhilippines to share the good fortune to her fellow kababayan. The best thing about having a physical store is the consumers access to regularly updated luck-enhancing designs for both men and women.

What is so unique about Frigga?

“What makes Frigga so unique is that it does not only offer nice and trendy items, but it also helps enhance the lives of its customers. Our stores also offers a unique fashion experience for customers via digital effects (you should check the projected image on the floor, it moves on your own command) that will make shopping more pleasant and enjoyable. Aside from that, they offer latest designs of tops and ensembles, casual and office attire, lounge dresses, and accessories to complete the desired auspicious look.”


What is the Auspicious Tree of Life?

“The Tree of Life is believed to bring excellent career and business opportunities. With its power to transform misfortune into good fortune, it is used to enhance wealth and prosperity luck. And only the SM North store has it. Short notes are posted on the “leaves” of the tree and each one tells a happy testimonial about their Frigga experience.”

For people to have a good life, they should have a positive outlook in life too. Asking advice from a Feng Shui master is just a way to help us maintain walking on the right path of life. Right attitude + luck-enhancing items = CHARMED LIFE!

**FRIGGA, a Norse goddess endowed with the gift of prophecy.