FRIGGA Charmed Life HORSE Forecast for June 2018

Be amply protected from the misfortune star in your chart. Learn your lessons this month and make sure the same mistakes do not happen again. You and your partner need to talk things out rather than continue to annoy each other.

FRIGGA Charmed Life MONKEY Forecast for June 2018

Career activities take a dive as you lack the energy to be productive. Meeting deadlines may pose some challenges. Fortunately, personal relationships provide the needed relief. Focus on nurturing them for now.

FRIGGA Charmed Life DRAGON Forecast for June 2018

Networking will be key to your business and career progress. An exciting time to consider taking the next step in your romantic relationship. The lucky stars favor the single Dragons, too.

FRIGGA Charmed Life RABBIT Forecast for June 2018

An ideal time for profitable investments. At work, you are at your best. Keep yourself motivated to perform a lot better. Your love luck is looking good. Someone may walk into your life at the most unexpected time.