FRIGGA Charmed Life DOG Forecast for December 2016

dec2016-dogAn emotionally draining month. Be mindful of the illness star that could make your energy levels dive and cause accidents or injuries. Move out of the Northwest sector if possible. Spend more time with positive-thinking friends to lift your spirits in a difficult time like this.

Suggested Charms and Protection:
Apple with Drop Beads

FRIGGA Charmed Life ROOSTER Forecast for December 2016

dec2016-roosterToo much responsibilities or juggling too many tasks make you more irritable than usual. You are not used to bottling up your feelings; you just need to let it all out. Remembering that venting on the wrong person could earn you a bitter enemy.

Suggested Charms and Protection:
Wallet with Double Happiness

FRIGGA Charmed Life MONKEY Forecast for December 2016

dec2016-monkeyYou are still feeling the rigors of the previous month. Take a step back to reassess the bigger picture. There is excessive yang energy in your chart that could cause loss and violence. Do not take any chances.

Suggested Charms and Protection:
Jumpsuit in Coin Print

FRIGGA Charmed Life SHEEP Forecast for December 2016

dec2016-sheepDon’t imagine enemies where there are none, but be very cautious nonetheless. The Betrayal Star may dump people in your life who will stab you in the back to further their interests. You may also mistake some friends for enemies. Take a step back and try to identify those who are with you and those who are against you.

Suggested Charms and Protection:
Bangle with #8