FRIGGA Charmed Life BOAR Forecast for June 2018

Stay away from exhaustive activities and from trouble brewing at work. Put off making big decisions related to your career until you are at your best again. Do what is needed to put back the fire and passion into your love relationship.

FRIGGA Charmed Life DOG Forecast for June 2018

Avoid drama at work. Doing more than what you actually could will not help. This is the time to put your own interests first. Be aware of people who cannot fully support you this time. Delay important decisions related to your career.

FRIGGA Charmed Life ROOSTER Forecast for June 2018

Do not ignore signs of stress and anxiety in your personal and professional life. There could be financial issues, but nothing that ca not be solved by smart budgeting. Do not be too busy at work that you neglect your loved ones. Set aside some quality time with your partner.

FRIGGA Charmed Life SHEEP Forecast for June 2018

Watch your finances. Professional difficulties also loom, but if you remain focused, they will be surmountable. Activate your feng shui cures and try to spend more time with your loved ones to take the load off yourself and keep your thoughts off work.