FRIGGA Charmed Life OX Forecast for December 2017

You are blessed with Victory Luck this month, which should give you the edge over competition and bring changes that will excite you no end. Sit back and enjoy this period of positivity in your life.

FRIGGA Charmed Life RAT Forecast for December 2017

When trying to meet your goals, do not be too aggressive or some people may not take it favorably. It may even attract the wrong kind of attention. Be careful and remember that losing friends will do more harm than good.

FRIGGA Charmed Life RABBIT Forecast for December 2017

The Misfortune Star could give you a lot of stress and grief you do not need. Unforeseen obstacles may slow you down, but do not be discouraged. Look at these problems as riddles to solve.

FRIGGA Charmed Life TIGER Forecast for December 2017

Your optimism will put you in a good place. Dream big because the higher your goals, the better your chances of reaching them. Young Tigers have the opportunity to win scholarships and other achievements.